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77 Synthesis and Charcterization of Coupled ZnO/SnO2 Photocatalysts and Their Activity towards Degradation of Cibacron Red Dye ABSTRACT

Naveen Verma,1,* Suprabha Yadav,1 Bernabe Marí,2 Anuj Mittal1 and Jitender Jindal1
Pages : 1-7
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1417059

77 Mechanical Behavior of Alumina based Reticulated Foams Encapsulated and Infiltrated with Polymer under Quasistatic and Dynamic Conditions ABSTRACT

Kanike Rajesh,1 Vattaparambil Shipin,2 Papiya Biswas,2, * Asit Kumar Khanra1 and Roy Johnson2
Pages : 8-11
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2018.1428117

77 Nano Gold (Au0) and Au0-Er3+ Containing Plasmonic K2O-ZnO-SiO2 Glass Nanocomposites: Processing and Properties ABSTRACT

Anal Tarafder*, Basudeb Karmakar and Atiar Rahaman Molla
Pages : 12-19
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2018.1435307

77 Embedding of Ag by Porous Substitute on Glazed Ceramics for Sustained Antibiotic Release ABSTRACT

Qian Zhang,1, 2, 3 Jun Ming Hong1, 2, 3 and Lv Si Xu1, 2, 3, *
Pages : 20-25
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2018.1442749

77 Structural and Conductivity Studies of LiCo1–xMnxO2 Cathode Materials ABSTRACT

Vagmare Gangadhar, Chiliveri Shankaraiah and Guduru Prasad*
Pages : 26-29
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2018.1446847

77 Influence of Ba2+ Ion Substitution on the Structural, Ferroelectric and Electrical Properties of Nano-Structured Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 Lead Free Piezo Ceramics ABSTRACT

Chilkamarri Sameera Devi,1 Madireddy Buchi Suresh,2 Gobburu Subramanyam Kumar1 and Guduru Prasad1, *
Pages : 30-36
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2018.1451388

77 Induction Heated Sintering and Mechanical Properties of Electrosprayed Nano YSZ ABSTRACT

Sinem Cevik1 and Mevlüt Gürbüz2, *
Pages : 37-44
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2018.1455537

76 A Brief Review on the Synthesis of Zeolites from Hazardous Wastes ABSTRACT

Veeresh P. Mallapur and John U. Kennedy Oubagaranadin*
Pages : 1-13
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1231086

76 Progress and Challenges in the Synthesis of AlON Ceramics by Spark Plasma Sintering ABSTRACT

Xibao Li*, Juntong Huang and Junming Luo
Pages : 14-20
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1257956

76 Preparation and Microstructural Characterization of Niobium Pentoxide Doped Barium Strontium Titanate Glass and Glass-Ceramics ABSTRACT

Bijay Kumar Barkey, Swonal Sitam Das, Avinash Meher and Partha Saha*
Pages : 21-30
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1233830

76 Effect of Particle Size of B4C Reinforcement on Ti-6Al-4V Sintered Composite Prepared by Mechanical Milling Method ABSTRACT

N. Selvakumar and T. Ramkumar
Pages : 31-37
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1231085

76 Development of Cordierite Based Reticulated Foams with Improved Mechanical Properties for Porous Burner Applications ABSTRACT

P. Biswas,1,* K. Varaprasad,2 P. Ramavath,1 M. Buchi Suresh,1 A. K. Khanra2 and R. Johnson1
Pages : 56-61
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1232178

76 Structural and Mechanical Behaviour of Fe-30Ni Alloy Produced by a Powder Metallurgy Route ABSTRACT

Neera Singh,* Sitashree Banerjee, Om Parkash and Devendra Kumar
Pages : 38-42
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1231595

76 Synthesis, Characterization and Property Evaluation of Single Phase Mg4Nb2O9 by Two Stage Process ABSTRACT

Kakali Sarkar,a,* Vivek Kumarb and Siddhartha Mukherjeea
Pages : 43-49
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1237895

76 Study on Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu2+,Dy3+ Long-Afterglow Luminescent Materials Via Sol-Hydrothermal Synthesis ABSTRACT

Xiaoli Wei,1 Jing Fan,1 Xuesong Zhou,1 Yi Shen,1, * Fengfeng Li2 and Luyao Hou1
Pages: 50-55
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1241162

76 XAFS as a Tool for Study of Persistent Luminescence Biomarkers ABSTRACT

K. R. Priolkar*
Pages : 85-96
DOI: 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1323677

76 Impacts of Al2O3 Doping on Microstructure, Phase Constitution and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ca0.61Nd0.26TiO3 Ceramics ABSTRACT

Chaowei Zhong,1, 2 Bin Tang,1, 2, * Yidong Tan3 and Shuren Zhang1, 2
Pages : 97-101
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1277164

76 Numerical and Experimental Evaluation of Ceramic Honeycombs for Thermal Energy Storage ABSTRACT

Ojasve Srikanth,1 Sagar D. Khivsara,2,* R. Aswathi,1 C. D. Madhusoodana,1 Rathindra Nath Das,1 Vinod Srinivasan2 and Pradip Dutta2
Pages : 102-107
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1281763

76 Effect of Dispersants on the Physical Stability of Cupric Oxide Aqueous Suspensions ABSTRACT

Zequan Liu and Qiang Zhang*
Pages : 108-112
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.127233

76 Poly(vinylalcohol)-Tetraethoxysilane based NaA Zeolite Composite Membrane by Primary Growth Technique: Gas Permeation and Water-Ethanol Pervaporation Study ABSTRACT

Somjyoti Basak, Debtosh Kundu and Milan Kanti Naskar*
Pages : 113-117
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1281764

76 Thermomechanical Characteristics of Low Carbon Magnesia-Based Monolithic Refractory Containing Nanostructured Surface-Modified Graphites in Matrix ABSTRACT

S. Mukhopadhyay,* A. Saha, S. Chatterjee and S. Ghosh
Pages : 118-127
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1281765

76 Effect of Different Types of Glasses as Fluxing Agent on the Sintering Temperature of Bricks ABSTRACT

Umme Sarmeen Akhtar,1, * Mohammad Moniruz Zaman,1 Md Sagirul Islam,1 Farah Nigar1 and Md Kamal Hossain2
Pages : 128-132
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2016.1278402

76 The Metallographic Study of Corrosion of Metals with Latent Heat Storage Materials Suitable for Solar Hot Water System ABSTRACT

D. Jaya Krishna1,* and Sharabh Kochar2
Pages : 133-144
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1268072

76 Applications of Different Bioactive Glass and Glass-Ceramic Materials for Osteoconductivity and Osteoinductivity ABSTRACT

Arnab Mahato1, Biswanath Kundu,1, * Prasenjit Mukherjee2 and Samit Kumar Nandi3
Pages : 149-158
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1360799

76 Emulsion-Blow Spun Self-Sustained Crystalline -Silicon Carbide (SiC) Fiber Mat and Its Conductivity Property ABSTRACT

Yafang Li,a Guilong Yan,b, c Yixia Zhao,a Weimin Kang,a, c Lei Li,b, c Xupin Zhuang,a, c Bowen Chenga, b, c, * and Xiaojiu Lia, d, *
Pages : 159-164
DOI : 10.1080/0371750X.2017.1294036

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